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PART I: Introduction

The EPO intends to replace the print version of its Official Journal (OJ) with an enhanced online version as of 1 January 2014.

Using the latest IT and communication technologies, the aim is to present the OJ in a contemporary format that meets the needs of patent system users and the public in general. The purpose of this survey is to establish what those needs are.

PART II: Your contact details

All the information (answers and comments) you provide in the survey will be kept anonymous.

Part III: Your reader profile

Part IV: OJ content

Most OJ content relates to the EPC, along with its implementing and ancillary regulations, i.e.:
• the European Patent Organisation (accession of new member states, new extension states, the London Agreement, revisions of the EPC, etc.)
• the Administrative Council (reports, composition and decisions related to the EPC)
• the boards of appeal (decisions and communications)
• the EPO (decisions and notices)
• representation (list of professional representatives, European qualifying examination)
• contracting/extension states (information from the national offices)
• other international treaties and conventions (scope, etc.)
• fees (decisions, information in relation to European and international fees, bank accounts for payments, etc.)

1. Please indicate the most important topic(s) for your work, and select the issues about which you would like more information:

The boards of appeal

Part V: Print format

Part VI: Publication intervals and citations

2. Online publication

3. Citations

An OJ item is usually cited first with the year and then with the page number (e.g. OJ EPO year, page). If, in the future, items are published as they become available, there will be a publication date but possibly no page reference.

Part VII: Supplements and special editions

1. Supplements

The EPO currently publishes supplements to the OJ. Which of the supplements indicated below should the EPO continue to publish?

2. Special editions

Which of the following regularly published special editions are of interest to you and which should be produced in printed form for a fee?

Part VIII: Other suggestions/remarks