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Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
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Please provide as much background information as you can.

If you are the inventor, you should be able to provide all of the information requested.

If you are not the inventor, do not worry: your entry will be considered even if you cannot supply all additional information. We will research the background if necessary, but anything you can tell us about the invention helps.

Information about the inventor and the invention

(1-2 sentences)*
(e.g. medical technology, telecommunications, automotive, green technology etc)*
If you are not sure which one to select, check the detailed descriptions of the categories.
(EP B1 numbers only, e.g. “EP 0 925 570 B1”; national or PCT applications numbers will not be considered, only patents granted by the EPO)
Note: If you do not specify a European patent for your chosen inventor, and we cannot identify one after doing our own research, your entry will be eliminated from the competition.

Information about you

Most of this section is optional – you are free to submit your proposal anonymously.

However, you might like us to let you know if your entry is selected as a finalist by the jury. Equally, if we need additional information about your entry, it would be good to be able to contact you. That is why we do require you to enter an e-mail address.

Your personal details will not be communicated to third parties or used by the EPO for purposes other than the European Inventor Award.
(street, city, postcode, country)

Supporting documents

You will be given the opportunity to submit documents with further information to support your nomination. Details on how to do so will be sent in a confirmation e-mail.


Eligibility rules and conditions.*
Your contact details will be treated confidentially and will be stored and used by the EPO and third parties authorised by it solely for the purpose of preparing and organising the European Inventor Award and related activities.

Additional declaration for self-nominees:

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